We believe in the connection between our health and the environment

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts we know that the health of our associates, members and communities is intimately linked with the health of our environment. We’re continually adopting innovative, measurable ways to reduce our impact on the planet, support the well-being of our employees and members, and improve public health. 

In 2017, we continued to make strides to meet our 2020 Sustainability Goals highlighted below.  Since 2010, when we started tracking these measurements, we have reduced our electricity use by 37%, our waste sent to landfills by 20%, and our paper use by 54%.  


Our approach to creating healthier environments

In 2015, we announced a new set of even more ambitious 2020 sustainability goals. Beyond seeking even deeper reductions in our emissions, waste and paper use, these goals expand into two new important areas: supporting more sustainable food and reducing harmful chemicals. We also commit to more actively improving the environmental health of our MA members and using our resources and brand to support local programs and policies that create healthier environments for all MA residents. 

Learn more about our 2020 Sustainability Goals

Climate & Air

Goal: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30%

Natural Resources

Goal: Reduce paper use by 50%, waste to landfill by 30%, and water use by 10%


Goal: 75% of food served sourced sustainably


Goal: Workplace 100% free of toxic chemicals

Our sustainability initiatives



Through our Green@Blue  programs we engage associates in our sustainability efforts.  Our most popular program is our company gardens where associates  harvest produce and participate in garden workshops with our  community partner, The Trustees.

Healthy Working Spaces

Healthy Working Spaces

We strive to create the healthiest possible working spaces for our employees by eliminating toxic chemicals, serving locally sourced food, providing access to natural light, bringing nature into the office, and focusing on proper ergonomics.

Community Solar

Community Solar

In 2017, we supported the development of solar projects in Hopedale and Mendon, MA.  The projects increased the amount of solar generated power in MA by 13% and reduced carbon emissions by an estimated 6,300 metric tons, the equivalent of taking 1,300 cars off the road. 

If you are interested in learning more about our sustainability efforts or would like to partner with us, please contact:

Monica Nakielski 
Director, Sustainability & Environmental Health