Career Development

Developing Talent

In addition to finding and recruiting from the most diverse talent pool possible, we must recognize, develop, and fully utilize the diverse talent we already have.

Career enhancement program

We launched the Career Enhancement program to help associates grab hold of their career development by using the program's framework to think strategically about their goals.

Career Development

Career development is a responsibility we share with our associates. We provide resources and information, leaders manage and mentor, and associates power their careers based on their unique preferences and goals. Associates can access online tools to explore different paths for development, create a personal elevator speech, and much more.

Blue Express Development Program

Blue Express offers associates the opportunity to work in a different area of the business, allowing them to develop new skills, try new work, and become more valuable to the organization. They stay in their current positions while devoting approximately 20 percent of work time to their new assignments. Associates nominate themselves for the program, which promotes empowerment and ownership of their careers.

Finance Development Program

Participants in this program develop broad-based business knowledge and an understanding of corporate financial management by rotating through a series of job assignments within Finance and other business areas. The program typically takes two to four years to complete.

Corporate Leadership Rotation Program

This program was developed for senior managers and directors to think strategically, leverage relationships, encourage new ideas, and drive beginning-to-end thinking. Selected applicants get the chance to take part in challenging rotational assignments in various business areas across the company.

Diversity and inclusion training

We believe educating associates about diversity and inclusion will help create a better-prepared workforce that's ready to contribute to the best of their abilities.

Managing Inclusion

Managing Inclusion is an effective and accessible way to implement inclusion practices and strategies within our organization. The program is the natural next step in achieving diversity. It's the "how" to diversity's "why." This highly interactive one-day program features individual and team activities, honest self-reflection, discussion, and a series of structured assignments designed to help build the skills needed to increase engagement and productivity.
Objectives include:

  • Defining diversity and inclusion in a way that is relevant to the business
  • Making clear connections among the concepts of diversity, inclusion, engagement, and performance
  • Learning how bias (both conscious and unconscious) can erode development and performance
  • Understanding what creates and prevents "go-to" performance on teams
  • Defining the scope and purpose of diverse-by-design teams

Empowered by Cultural Competence

Here, we explore the belief that people are our best source of information about their own culture. Associates gain the skills they need to engage in quality interactions with individuals of diverse values, beliefs, and behaviors. The session demonstrates how cultural competence fosters an inclusive environment that leverages our ability to better support our business goals. 
Objectives include:

  • Having a greater understanding of key findings from the online module
  • Having an opportunity to discuss cultural competence and cross-cultural communications
  • Having a greater understanding of diversity and inclusion at Blue Cross
  • Understanding the business case for diversity and inclusion
  • Understanding the connections between diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence

Employee resource groups

Employee resource groups bring together associates with shared characteristics, affinities, or life experiences. They're co-led by associates and supported by a cross-functional advisory committee.

We have seven employee resource groups: Women's Inclusion Network, the Black Professional Network, Blue Pride (the LGBTQA network), Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Disabilities and Other Capabilities, and Young Professionals. Participants support our diversity and inclusion goals in the following ways:

  • Culture: Help drive cultural awareness, support with new-hire orientation, and serve as internal consultants
  • Career: Support the talent pipeline, professional development activities, and mentorship
  • Community: Aid with brand awareness, community outreach, and volunteerism
  • Commerce: Serve as a conduit to key leaders and represent the company at events

Asian Blue Community

Mission: Asian Blue Community focuses on the professional and social advancement of employees of Asian origin across BCBSMA.

Goals: Professional development, social networking, and cultural awareness

Empowering Abilities ERG

Mission: Empowering Abilities is dedicated to promoting and evolving disability awareness and programs, while partnering with external organizations to develop inclusive disability trainings enterprise wide.  These programs drive our inclusive culture by raising awareness of abilities-related issues and educating our people on how to work in more inclusive ways.

Goals: Actively promote and champion goals and annual activities, assist with the design of programs, communications, participate in the evaluation of all activities, use experiences and creativity to suggest and implement new and innovative activities

Black Professional Network (BPN) ERG

Mission: Black Professional Network provides professional development, leadership, and community service opportunities to members in addition to promoting cultural awareness within the company.

Goals: Professional and personal growth and development, assist with member career potential, create business value, assist with employee engagement, and talent development and customer insights.

AzuLatinx ERG

Mission: AzuLatinx seeks to catalyze the advancement of ethnically diverse Latinx employees through development and advancement opportunities, while delivering culturally relevant and educational programming to all associates.

Goals: Recruit new members, create professional development and networking opportunities, participate in community events, and promote cultural awareness around Latino/Hispanic employees to build a diverse high-performing workforce.

Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) ERG

Mission: Women’s Inclusion Network seeks to enhance the advancement and professional development of female professionals by developing programs that foster greater interaction among peers while acting as a collective voice for raising women’s issues to senior management. 

Goals: Promote and develop women associates for their professional advancement and engagement within Blue Cross.

Blue Pride ERG

Mission: BluePride advocates a work environment that respects, welcomes and supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender professionals and enables them to perform to their fullest potential and contribute to the greater goals of the firm. 

Goals: Recruit new members, Create professional development and networking opportunities, and promote cultural awareness around LGBTQA issues to build a diverse high-performing workforce

Young Professionals Network (YPN) ERG

Mission: Young Professionals Network seeks to support the growth of young professionals’ careers, strengthen their engagement and commitment to BCBSMA, and support corporate strategies.

Goals: Recruit new members, create professional development and networking opportunities, and  participate in community events.

Vets ERG

Mission: Veterans ERG provides opportunities to support BCBSMA veterans, educate BCBSMA as a whole on the veteran talent within the company, and continues to serve the community by participating in opportunities honoring our veterans for their service.

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