By listening and leading, we build stronger community relationships.

Event Gallery

We are proud to showcase our associates who lead the way on diversity and inclusion at work and our communities.

Origin Timeline

We've been a constant leader in diversity and inclusion and pride ourselves on undertaking truly meaningful and impactful initiatives.

Community and Professional Development Partnerships

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The Partnership, Inc

Our associates have participated in The Partnership, Inc.'s yearlong professional development program, which advances multicultural professionals through research, training, consulting, and networking.

Bentley Center for Women and Business

We signed on to The Corporate Challenge, "Getting to More" to become part of the community working on recruiting, retaining, and promoting women in the workforce.

Health Insurance Resouce

We were proud to sign 100% Talent: The Boston Women's Compact, which commits us to understanding the gender wage gap, removing barriers to women's advancement, and evaluating progress.